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  • Trailer ABS Installation Diagram

    Trailer ABS Installation Diagram

    2018-08-03 [ Company News ]

    Speaking of "ABS anti-lock brake system", everyone knows, because with the promulgation of relevant regulations, ABS has become the standard configuration of tractors, while greatly improving the safety of vehicles, but also reduced The cost of maintenance.However, the ABS penetration rate of trailers is not as high as that of tractors, which leads some users to install trailer ABS themselves. However, the installation of trailer ABS has certain technical requirements. If improperly installed, ABS braking effect will be unsatisfactory, resulting in Hidden dangers. So today, TITA......


  • 2 units Lowbeds Running to the Vessel !

    2 units Lowbeds Running to the Vessel !

    2018-08-02 [ Company News ]

    Good news today. As I show you last week, we finished the production for the 2 units lowbed trailers, 80 ton loading capacity to load the bulldozer excavator etc, the width of the 3axles low loader trailer is 3200mm. And as the photo here in our workshop:And after we book the vessel for our client, this morning the lowbed are running to the port. Now they already arrived the port. And the shipping mode is by RORO shipping inside the cabin. Here I want to share the photos with you.                          &nbs......


  • 18 Axles Modular Trailer with Scania Trucks for 7 kilometers/h

    18 Axles Modular Trailer with Scania Trucks for 7 kilometers/h

    2018-08-01 [ Company News ]

    When it comes to moving, everyone can understand that packed well and then leaving, but have you seen the whole house removed? Recently, the Scania R620 assisted in completing such a moving task. The house weighing 230 tons was moved 7 kilometers by it. What happened specifically, you will know when you see the photo below.The story takes place in the Swedish town of Malmberget, which is located in the northern part of the Arctic Circle. The area is rich in iron ore resources, and it is the iron ore that bring up the town.Recently, however, the local government decided to redevelop ......


  • Heavy 80t Dump Trailer for Sale NOW!

    Heavy 80t Dump Trailer for Sale NOW!

    2018-07-31 [ Company News ]

    Good news for you! Today we have one in stock -80t heavy dump trailers for sale! Down BY 5% ! Our client order the trailers for his contract, regarding to the building construction. Because this project is suspended, so he let us to resell the dump trailers for him. For the dump trailers, the main specifications as follows:Dimension: 11500mm*2600mm1550mmLoading capacity: 80 tonThickness of Side wall: 6mmThickness of Floor: 8mmHydraulic cylinder: 214Tires: 12.00R20, 12 unitsAxles: 3 units, FUWAWABCO braking valveJOST landing gearIf you're interested, just send us the in......


  • Quality Side Tipper Trailer Introduction

    Quality Side Tipper Trailer Introduction

    2018-07-30 [ Company News ]

    After the implementation of the new regulations GB1589 and “921” in China, the demand for dump trucks increases in the market. Accordingly, TITAN VEHICLE work on the development of side tipper semi-trailer products. The self-unloading semi-trailer is divided into a flatbed end tipper, flatbedside tipper and a side wall flatbed tipper trailer.Here I want to show you the flatbed side tipper for you.● Flatbed Side TipperThe length is between 10m to 13m, the width is 2.55m. It is suitable for transporting bulk cargo such as coal, sand and gravel. It’ll save more time when unloading. Like the photo......


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