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40ft 3Axles Dropside Flatbed  trailer | TITAN
40ft 3Axles Dropside Flatbed  trailer | TITAN

40ft 3Axles Dropside Flatbed trailer | TITAN

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TITAN 40ft 3Axles Dropside Flatbed  trailer, TITAN Trailer manufactures high quality Dry Cargo Carrier and In our Dry Cargo Carrier we use high quality steel to make it more strong and sustainable.

TITAN 60t Fence Cargo Semi Trailer

Overall (L*W*H)

13000*2550*3400 (600mm side wall) with 300mm fence wall


Material:High strength low alloy Q345 steel

Main beam height: 500 mm

Thickness of main beam: upper: 14mm, middle plate: 8mm, bottom plate: 16 mm


2.5 mm checkered plate

Side beam

16# channel steel




3*14 tons, BPW brand


12R22.5 Tire,12pcs


900*22.5, 12 pcs

Braking System

WABCO braking valve, 6 Double-chamber , Duel Line Brake System


Mechanical spring suspension, 13mm, 10 pieces

King Pin

2" (50#) high tensile steel bolted type

Landing Leg

28T JOST C200


1 tool box ,2 spare tire carrier, LED lights


1 layer of anti-corrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats,color as request

Product Description

TITAN Industrial Group, top semi trailer manufacturer in China. Manufacture high quality Dry Cargo Carrier from China. In our 3axles Dry Cargo Carrier we use high quality steel to make it more strong and sustainable. These trailer can be usage for 20,30,40,45 feet containers. According to demand we can change the technical specificataions of the trailer. TITAN Trailer can produce fence Cargo Carrier in different capacities.

  • CAPACITY: 30 – 60 Tons capacities

  • CONTAINER LOCK: 4,8 or 12 locks

  • AXLES: 2/3/4 Axles

  • BRAKE SYSTEM: WABCO brake system 

  • SUSPENSION SYSTEM: Mechanical leaf spring suspension system.

  • ELECTRIC SYSTEM: 24 V and electric socket with 7 pins are used. There are traffic warning panels on the vehicles.

  • PARKING LEGS: Consists of double cycle telescopic legs each of which has a capacity of 28 tons, JOSTC200 BRAND.

  • TIRES AND WHEEL RIMS: Tires 12 pieces of 12R 22.5 sizes. Wheel Rims 12 pieces, double wheel.

  • PAINT: Firstly, The surfaces are cleaned under high pressure with water and bonder chemical liquid. Shot blast at Standard SA 2.5, then 1 layer of anti-corrosive epoxy primer and 2 layers of polyester polyurethane top coats,color as customer request


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TITAN Industrial Group offers a variety of configurations and options are available to meet your specific requirements. 

All models can be customized to suit your exact requirements.


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