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TITAN 48 Foot Container Chassis Trailer
TITAN 48 Foot Container Chassis Trailer

TITAN 48 Foot Container Chassis Trailer

Product ID : 48 Foot Container Chassis Trailer
Product Attributes :

TITAN manufacture 48ft Container Chassis trailer is used to transport two 20 feet containers, one 40 foot container, one 45 foot container or one 48 foot container.

 Product 48 foot container chassis trailer
 Dimensions 14950mm (Length) x 2500mm(Width) x 1780mm (Height)
 Tare Weight 6,000 kg
 Payload 50,000 kg
 G.V.W 56,000 kg
 Upper Coupler 8 mm thick steel skidplate with 2.0/3.5 inch bolted type JOST king pin
 Landing Gear JOST D200T, two speed, driver side crank
 Cross Members High strength channel steel
 Axles 3 axles, FUWA/BPW/BP brand
 Suspensions Multi-leaf spring suspensions, 10 lines of 90mm*13mm, or 12 lines of 100mm*12mm
 Brake System Dual air brake system, WABCO relay emergency valve.
 Brake Chambers One axle with T30/30 emergency brake chamber, the other two with T30 service brake chamber
 Rims 9.0/22.5, 13 units, including a spare one
 Tires 11.00R22.5, 13 units, including a spare one
 Twist Locks Twelve retractable ISO standard type twist locks
 Electrical 24-Volt sealed wiring harness, 7-pin connector at front
 Front Lights Two front marker lamps, white color
 Side Lights Four side marker lamps per side, amber color
 Rear Lights Standard brake, turn, reverse lights, one fog lamp
 Reflectors Conspicuity reflective tapes on both sides.
 Mudgards Semi mudguard for rear wheels with mudflaps
 Spare wheel carrier One spare wheel carrier with a spare wheel
 Toolbox 1.2m × 0.5m × 0.5m. Contains hub nut spanner, wheel nut spanner.

 Sandblasted, anti-rust chassis surface is available with

 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats.

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Product Description

TITAN manufactures high quality 48ft Container Chassis Trailer is specially designed to carry 48ft container. Container Chassis trailer length and height is adjustable to suit your exact needs.The long service lift and low main tenance of TITAN skeleton Container Chassis Trailer is appreciated among the clients.Now TITAN 40 ft skeletal trailers have been supplied to more than 20 countries, including Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nigeria,Ghana and Tanzania. Our skeletal trailers prove robost and durable, even running on the worst kind of roads.

Each trailer can be custom designed to fit your individual needs. Different trailer models and configurations will be recommended according to the market demand. Please refer to the following table for specifications. 

If you want to know more about the trailer, please contact us now for best price.

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