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53 Feet Flat Bed Trailer Dimensions | Titan
53 Feet Flat Bed Trailer Dimensions | Titan 53 Feet Flat Bed Trailer Dimensions | Titan 53 Feet Flat Bed Trailer Dimensions | Titan 53 Feet Flat Bed Trailer Dimensions | Titan 53 Feet Flat Bed Trailer Dimensions | Titan

53 Feet Flat Bed Trailer Dimensions | Titan

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Product Attributes :

Titan 53 feet flatbed semi trailers, 4 Axles, provide a cost-effective selection of trailer configurations to meet your transportation needs. The center of gravity is much lower than others which enhance stability and renowned reliability.

Trailer Model
Flatbed container semi trailer
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)13000*2500*1530
Main beam 500mm, upper plate: 18mm, middle plate: 10mm, bottom plate: 20mm
Bottom Floor3mm, checkered plate
Loading Weight(T)60T
Axle 14ton, BPW-Titan
Axle Number 4
Suspension SystemMechanical spring suspension
Steel Spring10/10/10 leaf spring suspension, 13mm
Main beam materialHigh tensile steel Q345B
Tire Type12R22.5T
Landing LegJOST C200, 28T
Braking SystemWABCO Braking Valve
Traction Pin50mm, bolted king pin
Rim900*22.5, 16pcs
Twist Lock12pcs
Accessories1 tool box, 2 spare tire carrier, LEDlights
Painting 1 layer of anti-corrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats
Color Optional

Product Description

Titan 53ft 4 Axles Bulk Cargo Transport Flat Pack Flatbed Semi Trailers

Features of flatbed trailers include:

Trailer length – 45’ to 53’

Trailer width – 96” to 102”

Material: Q345

Different axle and suspension settings to accommodate different operations.

1. Innovative design. After fully understanding and analysing the transportation environment in different countries, we design a new concept lightweight flatbed semi trailers.

2.Exquisite craftsmanship technology. Main parts are processed with advanced equipment. The longitudinal beam is welded by automatic tracking submerged arc welding machine. To all the Vehicle parts, we do shot peening. The accessories are assembled after the paint. The adhesion of paint is greatly enhanced after the pickling phosphating treatment which making the paint more bright and lasting.

3. Suspension.  Adopting spring susention, with the shaft load balance ,  reasonable angle design of system draw bar ,it's reducing friction slip distance between the tire and the ground and effectively reducing the tire wear. The adjustable rod and wheelbase effectively avoid tire abrasion.

4. Axles. BPW Titan 14ton axles. It has strong bearing capacity and improves the driving safty.

5. JOST C200 Landing Gear.

Our fleet of flatbed trailers are inspected by our Department of Supervision.

Flatbed trailers are versatile open trailers used to transport a wide range of products and materials. Also known as flat, float, flat deck, and high boy trailers, some of the common products they are used to haul are: Flat steel, Coiled steel, Channel steel, Rebar, Lumber, Pipe, Pre-cast concrete, Building materials, Other products that can be strapped down to a flat deck.

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