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TITAN 3 Axles Liquid Asphalt Bitumen Tank Trailer
TITAN 3 Axles Liquid Asphalt Bitumen Tank Trailer TITAN 3 Axles Liquid Asphalt Bitumen Tank Trailer TITAN 3 Axles Liquid Asphalt Bitumen Tank Trailer TITAN 3 Axles Liquid Asphalt Bitumen Tank Trailer

TITAN 3 Axles Liquid Asphalt Bitumen Tank Trailer

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TITAN produces high quality Bitumen Tank Trailer is an ideal equipment to transport liquid asphalt bitumen storage depot to asphalt plant.

Dimension LxWxH (mm)12000x2495x3680
Pay Load(kg)45000
Total Volume(m3)




End plate

Q235A/8mm, by punching
Isolated steel plateQ235A/6mm, 20 inch manhole
Manhole cover2 sets of 500mm/Q235 manhole fixed on top of Tank,with breather valve
Main BeamHeavy duty and extra durability designed;Opting for high tensile steel,

Q345B,welded by automatic Submerged-Arc processes

Axle3 units of FUWA(band) or BPW or L1
Axle load capacity13 ton/axle
Landing GearJOST Brand two Speed Manual Operation
King PinJOST brand,one unit of 2〃SAE standard Jost bolt-in king pin

FUWA(band) mechanical tandem suspension 

Pneumatic Braking System

A system with emergency brake and parking brake;

Dual line - air brake, piggyback spring on all axles;

One units of WABCO RE 6 relay valve; four units of T30/30 chamber;

one units of 40L air tank,two units of standard copper airconnector.

Wheel rim12 units of 8.25R22.5 rim
Tire12 units of 11R22.5 tubeless tyre


Sand blasting processing on rust cleaning

One coat of anticorrosive

Two coats of finish urethane paint

Colour as customer choice

Heating and insulation system

Insulating layer

1. Tank containing keep warm by insulation layer

2. Insulation layer composed of: 80mm rock wool and 1.2mm

stainless cold plate covered, it can prevent the heat losing.

Heating system

1.Use Burner heater 24 hours continuous heating at back of the tanker

2 Italian BALTUR diesel oil burner

Capacity: 14*104Kcal/h, brand-new 

3. One general-purpose diesel generator 

4.According to continuous diesel burning to keep warm

for the crude oil (Diesel consumption:150kg/24hours)

Note: It’s not necessary to adopt 24 hours continuous burning,

you just only need begin to heat ahead of 2-3 hours while approach the

destination site.It will save oil consumption and cost for you

Unloading valve2 sets of DN80 fixed at bottom of Tank
Pipeline at bottom of tank4〃seamless steel tube/Q235
Anti-static electricity systempulling, wire carrier, sheet copper (6 sheet-standard layout)


2 unit at front and rear of Tank
Guard on top of TankZinc galvanized guard- net
Oil hose boxsingle hole tube, 1 unit on each side
Oil hose2 unit, 3〃x 6m size in black rubber
Side guardcross bar-structure
Rear bottom guardFixed type
Work tank deckBox type
Fire extinguisher box2 unit at the back of each side
Mud guardSteel structure in trapezoid form

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Product Description

TITAN manufacture high quality Bitumen tank trailer is used to transport liquide asphalt from oil refinery and wharf to asphalt storge depot, also transport asphalt from asphalt storage depot to asphalt plant. Bitumen tank trailer also called heated bitumen tank trailer, heated bitumen transport, hot asphalt tanker, Insulation asphalt tanker, Liquid Asphalt tank, semi-trailer hot asphalt tanker

The long service life and low maintenance of TITAN Bitumen tank trailer have been well accepted by the customers across the world.

Advantatges of TITAN Bitumen Tank Trailer 

  • lower center of gravity, driving stably and safely.

  • Rock wool insulation100mm, average temp. drop <1°C/h.

  • Equipped with diesel-oil Burner and a Insulating layer

  • Reliable monitoring system of heating.

  • Stainless steel tank shell or cold plate

  • Heating and control functions can be on semi-trailer, and be independently used on tractor.OEM,OBM, ODM HEATED BITUMEN TANK ,HEATED ASPHALT TANK 

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